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  • Environment & Health

    Environment and health in its broadest sense comprises those aspects of human health disease and injury that are influenced by factors in the environment This includes not only the study of the direct ...
    • ENFO
  • Infrastructure

    Since 1996 when the Waste Management Act came into force there have been big changes in how waste particularly municipal waste is handled in this country Before then waste was brought directly from ...
    • ENFO
  • Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice

    Truly sustainable development demands that the public participate in environmental decision making This need was recognised when world governments met at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and was later ...
    • ENFO
  • Water Quality

    Earth is a watery planet with over 70 of its surface covered by oceans Life started in the oceans and all life on earth depends on water for survival An adult person is approximately 65 water and ...
    • ENFO
  • Integration

    The environment and its protection are not stand alone issues they are bound up intimately with social and economic issues Some view environmental regulation as a burden on business which increases ...
    • ENFO
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

    Strategic Environmental Assessment SEA is driven by EU legislation It is a process whereby environmental considerations can be factored into plans and programmes that are made by public authorities It ...
    • ENFO
  • Causes of Pollution

    River pollution in Ireland is caused by discharges from municipal sewage treatment plants runoff from urban streets septic tanks landfills and from agriculture Forestry and industry also contribute to ...
    • ENFO
  • Rivers

    Over 1 150 rivers are monitored regularly in Ireland This monitoring looks at the chemical composition of the river water or else looks at the small animals that live on the river bed Some of these ...
    • ENFO
  • Lakes

    There are over 12 000 lakes in Ireland some very small and some quite extensive Most are located on the western seaboard and in the midlands and are relatively shallow Generally water stays longer in ...
    • ENFO
  • Groundwater

    Some of the rain that falls on Ireland filters through the soil subsoil and rocks and becomes groundwater Much of that water moves slowly underground and remains there for long periods before emerging ...
    • ENFO
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