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tooltip Barony: there are 331 barony divisions in Ireland and this is thought be originally a Norman land unit. A county has on average between 7 and 10 baronies, though this may differ in a few cases. Baronies vary in size and may extend over more than one county on occasion. Baronies are no longer used as a unit for land government.
    tooltip Union: The Union was introduced as the most basic unit of administration under the Poor Law system in 1838 as the Barony and Parish units were felt to be unsatisfactory because of their unequal sizes. Initially the country was divided into 130 Unions and this was adjusted to create smaller unit sizes, so that by 1850 there were 163. Unions are no longer in use as an administrative unit.
    tooltip Parish: This actually refers to civil parishes rather than church ones, but these were originally religious divisions. Most Church of Ireland parishes correspond to a civil parish, though Catholic parishes may extend over more than one civil parish. Civil parishes also vary in size and are grouped together to form a barony.