Gravity and the Future

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Despite all the above discoveries there is lots of research going on all over the world in relation to gravity.

The Big Question Still There! 

One big question for the physicists still to solve in relation to the Universe relates to gravity: Einstein’s Theory (describing gravity and the structure of the universe on a large scale) and Quantum Mechanics (describing structures on a small scale) contradict each other in some ways. They cannot both be right. Who is
going to sort this out? You?!

Another major challenge for scientists is how to repel gravity. Much research is being done in this area, particularly by the American space agency, NASA – imagine launching a rocket into space with a push from your hand?! If we could remove the force of gravity we might be able to do things like that.

Think of people with special mobility needs if they could get rid of gravity. Can you think of other places where it would be useful to get rid of gravity?