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Questions you can ask a Librarian

Libraries are great places to find all sorts of information and the librarians are there to help you find it.

There are many ways you can use your local library to your advantage and plenty of thngs you can ask the librarians to help you with. Here are some you can try :

  • Ask for help finding information: for your homework project, general questions, or for topics that are interesting to you. They can help you find books, articles, newspapers, websites and more.
  • Ask for search techniques and ways to search for the information you are looking. They can help you become a better researcher.
  • Ask what to read next. They can help you to find a good book.     
  • Ask what other items the library has apart from books. Libraries have lots of other things like CDs, DVDs, maps, audio books and more.
  • Ask for help if you have a question for which you just can’t seem to find the answer yourself.