Aspects of Sligo

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  • Aspects of Sligo

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In this section we're going to look at County Sligo. Sligo is sometimes called Yeats' County, because William Butler Yeats spent many summers there and wrote about the county in his poetry. Among musicians it is also known as Coleman's country, because this is where the fiddler Michael Coleman was born.

County Sligo is one of five counties in the province of Connacht. It is situated on the northwest coast of Ireland, next to the Atlantic Ocean. It shares a border with Mayo to the west, Leitrim to the east and Roscommon to the southeast.

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According to the 2006 census, the population for the whole county of Sligo is 60,894. Of those, 30,257 are males and 30,637 are female.

The population of County Sligo has increased since the last census in 2002 by 2,694. This means that the population grew by 4.6%. This figure is smaller than the increase in population for the province of Connacht (+8.6%) and is the smallest percentage rise of all the counties in Connacht.

Most people in County Sligo live in Sligo Town, which accounts for 19,402 (32%) of the whole population of the county. The next highest population is in Tubbercurry, where 1,421 people are living (only 2% of the county's total).