National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, Merrion Street

National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, Merrion Street opened in 1857 as the museum of the Royal Dublin Society the ‘Natural History Museum’ has developed as a cabinet style zoological museum with animals from all over the world. The history of collecting extends over two centuries and has resulted in a rich variety of animals, many of which are now endangered or extinct. The tradition of collecting and research continues and only a fraction of the two million specimens is on display. 

The ground floor is dedicated to Irish animals, featuring giant deer skeletons and a variety of mammals, birds and fish. The upper floors of the building were laid out in the 19th Century in a scientific arrangement showing animals by taxonomic group. This scheme demonstrated the diversity of animal life in an evolutionary sequence.The first floor can now be accessed from the original grand stone staircase which has been recently restored. New facilities include the Discovery Zone where visitors can handle taxidermy and open drawers to see what is lurking inside, our Reading Area at first floor level which is a great place to rest and settle down with a good book, and the ground floor is now suitable for wheelchair access.

Admission to the National Museum of Ireland – Natural Historyis FREE.


Merrion Street, 
Dublin 2 


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