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14th June 1904, page 2

The Evening Telegraph reported on articles that had appeared in the Irish regional newspapers of the time. This issue refers to an article in the 'Clonmel Nationalist'. The article entitled 'Clonmel Spa' refers to the once famous 'medicinal and curative qualities' of the spa waters in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and bemoans the fact that these qualities are 'now so much overlooked'.

A letter to the editor refers to an article in a previous edition of the Evening Telegraph. The letter discusses conciliation efforts between Poor Law Medical Officers and Irish Local Government Boards. The letter writer signs off stating 'We Irish people, whether doctors or farmers, do business upon a queer principle - we deal in hope, and the good things an uncertain future may hold for us'. One wonders is this still the case?

People who wished to emigrate from Europe to the United States were obliged to fill out a questionnaire when booking their passage on the steamer ships. The newspaper prints the list of 23 questions including 'whether a polygamist' or 'whether an anarchist'. The piece is entitled 'The Two Pounders' Catechism'. A cartoon on this page depicts a rejected "two pounder" that is 'an undesired alien who was shipped back to Europe at the expense of the steamship company'.

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16th June 1904, Title Page

An article entitled 'School Gardens' encourages elementary schools in the countryside to involve their pupils in 'the pursuit of gardening knowledge' for, it is argued, 'many benefits result whereby leisure hours no longer hang heavily and once the taste is acquired it never wholly dies out'!

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16th June 1904, page 2

The forecast issued on this morning by the Meteorological Office, for the day that would come to be known as Bloomsday, predicts 'changeable, squally weather over the next 24 hours with strong winds and some rain'. Cyclists are informed that 'lighting-up' time is 9.17pm. Also, Dubliners' had their pick of entertainment that night with performances scheduled at the Gaiety Theatre, the Theatre Royal, the Tivoli and many more.

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16th June 1904, page 3

A report from the House of Commons refers to a question raised relating to 'Games in the Phoenix Park'.

The Chief Secretary is asked whether the 'Commissioners have authority to prohibit games played by most of the young men in Dublin [those games being the Gaelic games of Hurling and Football] seeing that the Phoenix Park belongs to the citizens of Dublin?'

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Pdf Evening Telegraph 16th June 1904, Page 3
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