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6th April 1904, page 2

On this morning the monthly meeting of the Rathmines Urban District Council was held in the Town Hall, Rathmines. The main topic on the agenda was the 'Carnegie Library', where reference is made to the offer made by Mr. Carnegie of £7,500 for the purposes of a Public Library in the District. Rathmines Public Library, eventually built in 1913, is a 'Carnegie Library' building and nowadays forms part of the Dublin City Public Library network.

Also on the agenda was a report by the Medical Officer of Health relating to the death rates in the district at the time. Mention is also made of a letter from the Gaelic League asking for the support of Rathmines Urban District Council regarding a projected National Exhibition. Presently, the Rathmines Urban District Council records are held by Dublin City Archive and are available for viewing to members of the public.

King Edward and Queen Alexandra were due to visit Dublin on Tuesday 26th April 1904 and the programme of their visit is outlined. The visit is described as being 'semi-private and there will be no public decoration'. The visit included trips to the Punchestown and the Phoenix Park Races and the laying of the foundation stone of the new College of Science at Kildare place.

There is an illustration on this page of a new acquisition made by the National Museum. The item is a carved mahogany Chippendale table formerly one of the pieces of furniture owned by the infamous Hell Fire Club.

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30th April 1904, page 4

Industrial relations issues of the time can be gleaned from a public notice in clear type referring to a series of public meetings being held in Dublin under the auspices of the Dublin Trade's Council. The meetings are 'for the purpose of bringing the matter [of the lock-out by the Johnston Mooney and O'Brien bakery] more prominently before the citizens'.

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Evening Telegraph 30th April 1904, Page 8
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30th April 1904, page 8

The latest inventions and diagrams of the same were popular newspaper content at this time. The illustrated example described is the perspectartigraph an instrument 'useful for those wishing to draw accurately in perspective landscapes buildings or objects of any sort'.

The weather was as common a topic for conversation in 1904 as it is in Ireland in 2004! The author of one particular article refers to the benefits of the 'enervating influence of the first fine weather of the year'.

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Pdf Evening Telegraph 30th April 1904, Page 8
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