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11th June 1904, Title page

Ladies of the day sculpted their figures with corsets such as those manufactured by Duffy's. They advertise their corset as providing 'grace, elegance, comfort and durability' and this advert appears on the front page of the newspaper. Also, as is the case today, Dublin Zoo did more than simply house animals: elephant rides in the Zoological gardens are advertised, 2d (old pence) for adults and 1d for children.

Pdf Evening Telegraph 11th June 1904, Title Page
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11th June 1904, page 6

There is a report today on the sentencing of 4 youths at the Southern Police Court who were charged with having 'thrown pieces of iron into the machinery of the Dolphin's Barn Brick Works where they were employed'. This action led to the endangerment of 15 girls who also worked at the Brick Works. The article is entitled 'Mischievous Boys - Fifteen Girls in Danger'.

Pdf Evening Telegraph 11th June 1904, Page 6
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11th June 1904, page 8

There is a very interesting article on this page highlighting 'Dublin Corporation Records'. The particular records illustrated include the original Charter of Henry II, 1171, minutes of the Common Council of 1305 and minutes of the City Council during the Mayoralty of the then (1904) Lord Mayor, Joseph Hutchinson. These records are held by Dublin City Archive and the original minutes of the Common Council of 1305 can be viewed today as part of the 'Dublin City Hall: The Story of the Capital' exhibition.

Pdf Evening Telegraph 11th June 1904, Page 8
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Evening Telegraph 14th June 1904, Title Page
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14th June 1904, Title page

The announcements of births, marriages and deaths are a regular feature on the title page of the Evening Telegraph. Several competitive undertakers are listed under the deaths. There are also adverts for commercial services and on a daily basis the most prominent advertisements seem to feature men's boots, bakers, dentists and general health medicaments. Social events such as theatre performances and concerts are also listed. The small adds or 'brief prepaid notices' section of the newspaper includes articles for sale, employment opportunities, situations vacant, houses and apartments for letting, public meetings and business cards. Of particular intrigue to the modern eye is the "painless dentistry" offered by Henry J. Bradlaw as he advertises extractions with cocaine at the more expensive cost of 2s 6d (shillings and old pence) than those with gas!

This page also includes a sideline medical article entitled 'The Hygiene of Laughter'. It is argued that it is good to laugh as 'blood moves more rapidly..and it conveys a different impression to all the organs of the body as it visits them on that particular mystic journey..from what it does at other times'. The time may come when physicians shall prescribe laughter to the 'torpid patient' the article states.

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Pdf Evening Telepgraph 14th June 1904, Title Page
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