National Anthem

‘The Soldiers Song’ or Amhrán na bhFiann (Irish) was adopted as the official Irish national anthem in 1926. It was originally written and composed in English by Peadar Kearney (lyrics) and Patrick Heeney (melody) in 1907 then later translated into the Irish language by Liam O’Rinn in 1923. The political song is not without controversy and has been criticised as being inappropriate because of its militant content which is thought to obscure and prevent the modern day attempts at maintaining peaceful relations between the Irish North and the South.  Amhrán na bhFiann is played at most official engagements. Unlike the Irish flag it is not mentioned in the Constitution, perhaps to avoid drawing attention to its controversial past.

Another national song, ‘Ireland’s Call’, sometimes used as an alternative to the national anthem, is an attempt to represent the whole island of Ireland. It is used at some national and international sporting events such as Irish Hockey, Cricket, Rugby League and by A1GP teams together with the official national anthem and has been commissioned by the Irish Rugby Football Union as its official song.

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