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Irish Times Archive at Ask About Ireland provides online access free of charge for internet users within public libraries and schools in Ireland through It is funded jointly by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government and The Irish Times.

Search Tips

1. To find an exact phrase place quotation marks around your search terms e.g. "George Bernard Shaw".
2. The archive will automatically return articles that include all of the search terms.
3. Place a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign in front of words to give them a higher or lower weighting.
4. The results can be sorted by the newest or oldest articles, or by the articles that closest match the search terms.
5. Search results can be refined by section, date or by inserting additional words into the relevant fields.

Every effort is made to ensure the highest possible quality of the archive images and accuracy of the search. However, due to the condition of the original material in some cases and the technological processes involved, it has not been possible to produce perfect results in every single case.

This service can only be accessed within a public library or school in Ireland.

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