Emissions in the Energy Industries sector showed an increase of 4% between 2014- 2017, accounting for 19% of national emissions. This rise is attributable to an increase in energy demand from fossil fuel based sources for electricity generation which is undoing any impact from increased use of renewable energies. Renewables accounted for 30.1% (nearly 1/3) of electricity generated in 2017 (SEAI, 2018). In the same year, energy-related CO2 emissions fell by 2.1% and were 18% below 2005 levels. A reduction of 4.2 MtCO2 was achieved by use of renewable energy.

Energy Industries (mainly electricity generation) show an increase in emissions of 3.7% over the period 1990 – 2017. In the same time series, CO2 emissions from electricity generation have increased by 2.3% whereas total electricity consumption has increased by 117.8%. Emissions from electricity generation increased from 1990 to 2001 by 54.5% and have decreased by 32.8% between 2001 and 2017. This decrease reflects the improvement in efficiency of modern gas fired power plants replacing older peat and oil fired plants and the increased share of renewables, primarily, wind power (EPA, 2019).

More information can be found in the latest report of the EPA's estimates of greenhouse gas emissions.

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