The Greenhouse Effect

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Have you ever been in a greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a small glass house that some people put in their gardens. It is used for growing plants and vegetables. The glass keeps the greenhouse warm. This helps the plants and vegetables to grow. On a sunny day it can get very hot!

The greenhouse effect

Imagine that the world is like a giant greenhouse. Instead of glass, there are gases around the Earth. They keep some of the sun's heat inside and keep the Earth warm. This is called the greenhouse effect because it works in the same way as a greenhouse.

The greenhouse effect is very important. It keeps the Earth warm. Without it, it would not be warm enough for people, plants and animals to live on Earth.


What's the problem?

The greenhouse effect is getting stronger. There are more gases around the Earth. This means that the Earth is getting warmer. Even a little extra warmth causes problems for people, plants and animals. Our climate is changing because the greenhouse effect is getting stronger.

Where do the extra gases come from?

A lot of these extra gases are created by people. They are called greenhouse gases. Burning fuel and even food waste creates extra gases around the Earth.

We have just learned a lot about climate change and how greenhouse gases affect the environment.

But remember, all is not lost! There are lots of things we can do as to help the environment.

The Green Team will show you how we can help!