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Sligo , then and now


Sligo in Constance Markievicz's time and Sligo to-day

This unit is based on the geography of Sligo. An emphasis is placed on historic geography through an examination of the county in the time of Constance Gore-Booth and comparing it with the modern county.

The material within this unit looks at the geography of SligoTown and County nowadays and compares it with the Sligo of the 1900s. The strands which it will support are Human Environments and Natural Environments. Particular reference will be made to the strand unit Land, rivers and seas in my county


Human Environments; Natural Environments; Environmental Awareness

Strand Units:

County, regional and national centres; Land, rivers and seas of my county; People and other lands.

Skills and concepts:

Pupils explore maps seeking out individual features and learning about them and their historical significance, how the people of the 19th and early 20th centuries interacted with their surroundings. Comparisons between the older geographical features and those of today will be encouraged. An introduction to statistical evidence through census data is presented. Concept maps are used to encourage review and assessment.

Evidence relating to the period can be found in local libraries for every county and for every town. It would be envisaged that pupils would work in pairs or small groups at a computer and that there would discussion would be encouraged. Children would learn to examine their local areas and compare what is there now with how it changed over time.


A range of activities is included to test knowledge.