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  • Foynes Flying Boats

Scoping it Out

The story of Foynes flying boats begins in 1933. In that year, the world's most famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, touched down in his Lockheed Sirius in Galway Bay.

Lindbergh was looking for an area on the West Coast of Ireland suitable for the latest exciting travel innovation: transatlantic seaplanes. He travelled the Irish West Coast investigating and then flew back to America.

Foynes remained quiet for a couple of years after that. However, one day the Irish Times sensationally announced that Foynes was to be the new site for the European terminal for transatlantic air services.

A New Air Base at Foynes

Trial flights were attempted before the final decision was made to use Foynes as the terminal for transatlantic air services.

Everything went according to plan, and the first arrivals and departures of seaplanes in Foynes occurred in July 1937.