St. Finian's National School

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  • South Dublin Schools

St. Finian's National School is one of the oldest primary schools in Ireland. It is situated in Newcastle Lyons, a village west of Dublin city.

On 18 April 1825, a school was opened on the grounds of St. Finian's. It became a recognised school ten years later, with ninety boys and eighty-nine girls attending.

The pupils paid between a halfpenny and a penny per week to attend. Older children had reading, spelling and arithmetic, book-keeping and measuring books.

School was open from 10am to 4pm, six days per week. On Friday only religion was taught. The pupils and teachers only had one day off per week. Eight to ten pupils sat at a long desk, with an inkwell in front of each pupil. Boys were taught on the ground floor and girls upstairs.

Another school building was erected in the 1930s, and the original school was still used as a classroom. In the late 1970s, the current school with its modern facilities, including a large gym hall, was built. The original school building is currently used as a parish meeting room.