Environmental Impact Statements

What is an EIS?

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) should include a detailed report of all of the possible effects, good and bad, of a project on the environment. It should outline what actions will be taken to avoid any unfavourable environmental effects along with what actions had already taken place. See more on EIS on the government and EPA websites. 

What does an EIS include?

It should include;

  • A description of the proposed development.
  • An account of alternatives (locations or processes) considered by the developer.
  • A detailed account on how it will effect the environment.
  • A report on what aspects of the environment will it effect such as people, flora, fauna, soil, water, air, landscape, cultural heritage, etc.
  • If these effects could cause a lot of damage, the statement must also include a detailed account on ways to avoid, reduce or resolve these effects

The EIS must also include a simple, non technical, summary so that it can be understood by the average person

Where can I see an EIS?

You can find an EIS in your local planning authority offices, free of charge. If the decision of the planning authority is appealed to An Bord Pleanála, the EIS will also be available at the offices of the Board.

We have some samples of EIS reports in the next section.

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