Junior & Senior Infants

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Pdf Eco Detectives Workbook: Junior & Senior Infants

The enquiries and activities in this workbook are appealing to young children who, at this age, love to explore and learn new things. They are developing a sense of place and space and are developing emotionally and imaginatively through language.

Make the children feel as if they are real eco-detectives by exploring school grounds, where learning about butterflies and examining minibeasts become simple ways of introducing themes of the environment and biodiversity to younger ages.

Encourage the children to describe everything they see through speech and drawing. It is best to take the children outside when the weather is dry – it makes the whole experience much more pleasant for everybody.

The children can draw pictures of what they see and find; these pictures can then be displayed in the classroom or around the school for all to enjoy!


Enquiry 1: Our Local Environment

Enquiry 2: Butterflies and their environments

  •   Investigation 2: Stages of the life-cycle of a butterfly

Enquiry 3: Animals and their environments

  •   Investigation 3a: Minibeast Identification Card
  •   Investigation 3b: Minibeast Hunt

Enquiry 4: Favourite Environments in our school

  •   Investigation 4a: What would a butterfly like?
  •   Investigation 4b: Where would a butterfly like to live in our school grounds?

Interactive: ‘Life Cycle of a Butterfly’

Fun Stuff: