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  • Aspects of Limerick

Lough Gur Castle

Lough Gur Castle dates from around the fifteenth century and is still in very good condition.

It is a tower house type of castle and originally had a moat and drawbridge.

Lough Gur Castle was a Geraldine castle, and after the Desmond Rebellion it became known as Bouchier's Castle

Bouchier's Castle, Lough Gur

Irish Tourist Association image of Bouchier's Castle, Lough Gur in the 1940s. This is a fifteenth-century tower house built in two sections.

Image courtesy of Limerick County Library.


A lake-side dwelling has been created by the lake in the shape of a crannóg. This was the type of house built by ancient peoples who lived beside lakes.

The building houses an interpretative centre that provides an information, a museum and an audio-visual presentation on Lough Gur and the surrounding area.