18th and 19th Centuries

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  • History of Tallaght

The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought many changes to Tallaght. A number of mills were built along the River Dodder, and this brought new prosperity. New houses were built to accommodate those who came to work in the mills.

The population began to expand. In this photograph, the remains of Haarlem Mill, as it looked in the 1960s, can be seen.

In 1888, the Dublin and Blessington Steam Tramway opened and it passed through Tallaght Village. The tram provided a new means of transporting goods and brought day-trippers from the city. It also meant that Dublin City was more accessible for people living in Tallaght.

Take a look at this old photograph. It shows what Main Street in Tallaght Village looked like in 1900. Can you see the tram tracks running alongside the footpath?