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Do you know what year your school first opened?

There are a good many schools in Ireland which have been teaching for decades.

One such school is the Presentation Brothers in Bray, Co. Wicklow, which was opened in 1921.

How old does that make it?

Now we're going to find out about the story of this famous old school.

A school for Bray

The Presentation Brothers came to Bray from Cork in 1921 and purchased Bray Head House. The old building was also known as "Elephant House" and it sat snug on the Putland Road in the middle of Bray.

The Brothers also snapped up 55 acres of the adjoining land. This gave plenty of space to build a school.

Later in the year the school, which is sometimes known as Pres Bray for short, opened to provide education for Catholic boys in the area.
This is a photo of some of the first students of 'Pres' Bray taken in the grounds of Elephant House in 1922, a year after the school opened.