In addition to the well of Fore, two others are St. Patrick's well in Bolies (half a mile in the fields from the Rahard road), and the unnamed well between Moat and Ballymacad. Legend has it that a bell from Ballinacree flew through the air and landed there and made a hole in the ground and formed a well, and the people who tested the water found that it had a cure for warts.

When water was taken from the well it was customary to leave a medal or some other small thing. This custom of leaving an offering is, or was, common to wells, Chris­tian and pagan, throughout Europe and Western Asia. In Persia they are called Rag-Wells, as a piece of the pilgrim's clothing was tied to the well tree for an offering. The Bush of Clonfad, now gone the way of many such bushes, was similarly overhung with pieces of cloth.

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