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This is an aerial photograph showing the coast road towards Raheny.

It shows St. Anne's Park and surrounding area. Can you spot the big house? This was built in 1837 for Elizabeth and Benjamin Lee Guinness. In 1868 their son, Arthur Edward Guinness, inherited the estate. Sir Arthur married Lady Olive White, and in 1880 became Lord Ardilaun. A beautiful rose garden was developed in St. Anne's and the park is still famous for roses nowadays.

Dublin Corporation purchased the estate in 1939 and during the war years, 1939-45, crops were grown on the estate to feed the people of Dublin. The house was destroyed by fire in 1943 and no trace of it remains today.

Aerial view of St Anne's Park

St. Anne's is now a public park.

Check this link out: St. Annes Park

What did St. Anne's house look like in 1939?

Lady and Lord Ardilaun had no children and so St.Anne's estate passed on to their nephew Bishop Plunkett in the 1920's.

What did the house look like inside when it was sold by Bishop Plunkett in 1939?

The drawing room of St. Anne's house in 1939. What can you see in this room? Click on the image to get a closer look.