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Sligo is a beautiful mountainous county containing four mountain ranges - the Dartry

Benwiskin Mountain

Benwiskin is one of the Dartry mountains. This mountain is famous for its wave-like profile.

Courtesy of Simon Stewart

 , the Ox, the Curlew and the Bricklieve Mountains.
There is a long indented Atlantic coastline with two islands - Inishmurray, which was inhabited until 1948 and Coney Island

Coney Island

In this photograph of Coney Island in County Sligo you can see an abandoned house along the shore. Some people still live on the Island which is only accessible by car or foot when the tides are low.

Copyright Sligo County Library

  which is still inhabited.
The Owenmore River, the Garavogue

Garavogue River

Garavogue River running through the town centre.

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  and the Moy rivers drain the county and there are three large lakes - Lough Arrow, Lough Gill and Lough Gara. The centre of the county consists of grassland and cattle rearing

Cattle grazing in a field

This photograph shows some cattle grazing in a large open field.

Irish Farmers' Journal

  is the principal type of farming.

Odd One Out - Mountains

Odd One Out - Mountains


Odd One Out - Lakes

Odd One Out - Lakes