Castle Leslie

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Celebrity haunt

Castle Leslie is home to the Irish Branch of the Leslie Family. It is located on a 1000 acre estate adjacent to Glaslough village, 7 miles north-east of Monaghan town in County Monaghan, Ireland.

In 2002, Castle Leslie hit headlines all over the world when ex-Beatle Paul McCartney hosted his wedding in the Family Church located on the estate. This news was spread to the media by Sir Jack Leslie who let slip on live television "it's on Tuesday, but it's a secret".

Down the years many famous faces have frequented the Castle.

Some of the most illustrious names include the Anglo-Irish general, the Duke of Wellington, Irish writer and poet WB Yeats and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.

The Leslie Family

The Leslies can trace their ancestry back to Atilla The Hun.

The first Leslie to come to Ireland was Bishop John Leslie of the Isles of Scotland. In 1665, he bought Glaslough Castle and Demesne in Monaghan, which makes up most of the modern day Leslie Estate.

Over the centuries, the Leslies developed a reputation for being an eccentric bunch! After the bishop passed on his son John took his place for less than a year before his brother Charles succeeded him.

Charles was a passionate theologian who supported the Catholics against the penal laws. Samuel Johnson said of him that 'he was reasoner not to be reasoned with'.

Next followed the very respected MP Charles Powell Leslie I in 1743. He did a very good job of running the estate until his son Charles Powell Leslie II took over.

Charles' brother John Leslie was next in line. He was a fine painter. It was he who built the Castle which stands today (at the insistence of his pretty young wife Constance).

year after John's death in 1916, the Leslie family finances dwindled when the family invested their compensation money from the Wyndham Land Acts in Russian Railway Bonds.

This has led the modern day Leslies to open the famous family estate to paying visitors.