Cat Superstitions

Cats are very mysterious creatures. They have been the subject of numerous superstitions over the centuries, sometimes bringing good fortune and health, other times being the harbingers of bad weather or even death. The superstitions surrounding black cats date back to the Middle Ages when they were associated with witchcraft. One myth with origins in Lincolnshire, England, suspected black cats of being witches in disguise. In America, the idea of witches transforming themselves into black cats was widely believed during the time of the Salem witch trials. However, black cats have since regained their status and in many places today are seen symbols of good luck.

Below are some of the superstitions associated with our feline friends.

  • If a cat purrs, a ghost is in the room

  • It is bad luck to cross a stream carrying a cat

  • Dream of a tortoiseshell cat and you will be lucky in love

  • Bathing a cat will cause it to rain

  • If a black cat crosses your path it brings bad luck (or sometimes good luck depending on where you are!)

  • The Japanese Bobtail is a symbol of good fortune

  • A cat at a wedding is a good omen

  • Fishermen’s wives believe that their husbands will be safe at sea if a black cat is kept in the house

  • If you can pluck a pure white hair from an all-black cat without being scratched, you will be lucky in love

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