One of the favourite and most characteristic animals of Connemara is the Connemara Pony. It is famous for it liveliness, hardiness, stamina and athleticism, well adapted to the harsh environment of the Connemara landscape.

The Connemara Pony Breeder’s Society was established in 1923 to encourage the continuation of Connemara Ponies as a pure breed and to promote the rich heritage of the animals. The society was given charge of a herd of pure breed ponies that was given to the State by the late President Childers They also organises an annual Connemara Pony show, when the largest collection of these ponies in the world can be seen.

Many other mammals inhabit the expanse of the Connemara National Park. Foxes, stoats, shrews and bats can often be seen roaming through the park at night. Rabbits are also common, and the pine marten has become more prominent in recent years. The native Red Deer that once roved through Connemara was extirpated, but efforts are currently being made re-introduced a herd to the area.

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