Current Home Energy Consumption

Homes in Ireland are heavily dependent on fossil fuels as a means of heating. For instance, data for the most recent census in 2016 from the Central Statistics Office shows that the majority (approximately 70%) of households in Ireland use either gas or oil heating systems to heat their homes (see images). The images show the spatial distribution of households using the three primary sources of heating to heat their homes based on Census 2016 data. Of notable interest is the following:

  1. About four out of ten households had oil central heating in Ireland in 2016 while just over three out of ten used natural gas.
  2. Border counties had the highest proportion of households using oil at 66.4%, while Dublin had the lowest at 11%.
  3. County Monaghan had the highest usage of oil at 76.3% while Dublin City had the lowest at 5.8%.
  4. Natural gas was used by 68.2% of households in Dublin while less than 6% used this fuel in both the Border and West region.
  5. Nearly three-quarters (74.2%) of households in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown used natural gas for heating compared to just 1% in Wexford.
  6. Peat (including turf) was used by only 5.3% of households nationally for heating, however it was used by 23.6% of households in the Midlands. In Offaly, 37.9% of central heating systems in households used peat.

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