Irish Music Instruments

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There are a small number of instruments in traditional Irish music. Some of them have a very long history in Ireland, such as the harp. During the 18th and 19th centuries, pipes and the fiddle became popular instruments. It is from these instruments that most of the Irish dance music was created. The harp was not usually used for dance music.

The flute, whistle, accordion and concertina are also important in Irish music.

During the 20th century, more instruments were introduced to Irish music. For example, the guitar and the bouzouki are often played with the other instruments in Irish music sessions.

During the 1960s, SeŠn ” Riada began to experiment with playing the bodhrŠn in traditional Irish music. Before this, drums had not usually been used. However, ” Riada's bodhrŠn playing became very popular. Many new styles of playing the bodhrŠn have since developed.