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Energy – Makes Everything Happen

Energy is what makes everything in the world happen. We cannot always see energy, but we can see the effects of it.

Without energy, nothing could live or grow, and there would be no heat, light, sound or movement.

Where Does Energy Come From?

The Sun
Courtesy of NASA

Where do you get your energy from? You get it from the sun!

Most of the energy in the world comes from the sun.


We drink milk which comes from a cow. The cow eats grass which uses the energy from the sun to grow. So the food which gives you your energy got its energy from the sun.

Oil and coal were formed from plants which died millions of years ago (before there were any humans on Earth) and slowly turned into coal and oil. The plants got their energy originally from the sun. So when cars are running on petrol now they are using energy from the sun from millions of years ago!