Yourself - How Your Body Works

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Your body does loads of things at the same time. You can walk and breathe and talk and grow all at the same time!

Skin:  is a waterproof layer that holds everything in! Imagine if it was not waterproof!   It also keeps out dirt and feels things that you touch. It has a number of layers which do different things.

Lungs: When you breathe your lungs take in a gas called oxygen from the air. The blood then brings the oxygen round your body.   Your body has to have oxygen to live.

Heart: your heart is a kind of pump; it pumps blood around your body.   If your heart stops you could die.

Skeleton:   gives your body its shape.   It is made up of lots of different bones.   There are over 200 bones in an adult’s body.   They are usually strong and hard and come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

: hold the bones in the right place. They also pull on the bones to make your body move. They get bigger when you exercise.

Joints:   like your elbows and knees, are a bit like hinges.   Imagine what it would be like if you could not bend your arms or legs!

Digestive System:  changes the food you eat (your body’s fuel) into energy;   what is not needed goes out as waste.

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