The Tullow Show

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  • Aspects of Carlow

The Tullow Show has been held every year since 1945. It takes place in August at the Coppenagh showgrounds near Tullow.

While Coppenagh is now closely associated with the event, the Tullow Show was not always held there. For its first nine years the show was hosted in Tullow's Gaelic grounds, but from 1955 onwards it was moved out to the open space of Coppenagh.

For visitors the show is a fun day out where they get to sample some local atmosphere. But for the organisers and exhibitors it is very important because it publicises the strong agricultural tradition in Co. Carlow, the quality of local food and the expertise of local craftspeople.

The show is also very useful because it gives us a very good idea of the farming patterns in Co. Carlow and in South Leinster. This is because it features all the crops and agricultural enterprises that are successful in the area.