Cork Imports and Exports

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  • Moments in Cork City History

Cork City in 1741

The motto for Cork city is 'Statio Bene Fide Carinis', which is a Latin phrase meaning 'a safe harbour for ships'. A number of factors, including its location in the south-west of Ireland, made Cork a highly successful trade city. To read a list of exports from Cork city for the year 1741, click the image to the right.

Cork attracted merchants from all over the world. By 1741, Cork's main exports were beef, hides, butter and tallow. These goods were exported to places such as Spain, England, France and the West Indies.

Goods imported into Cork that same year consisted of some items that were considered exotic at the time. These include cinnamon, oranges, lemons and coffee. Dyes for clothes were very sought after, as were coal and alcohol. Click on the image to see a list of the goods imported into Cork city in 1741.