The 1600's: Growth of Dublin

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  • Dublin Castle

This is the earliest map of Dublin which is still in existence. It was created by a man called John Speed in 1610. It shows a very different city to the one we know today. Most of the city is contained within the city walls, however the map shows us that there was some development outside the walls at this stage.

Can you find Dublin Castle on the map?

The map also shows the River Poddle. Can you find where it joins the Liffey?

Click on the city to learn how Dublin developed in the 1600s.

A New Era for the Castle

In 1684 a fire broke out in Dublin Castle. In order to prevent the fire from spreading, controlled explosions were carried out at various points in the castle. After the fire, a major reconstruction project got under way. The King ordered the old town walls and as many towers as required be taken down. They were to be replaced by more stately and modern buildings.