Independence and Beyond

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  • Dublin Castle


For over seven centuries, Dublin Castle was a symbol of British rule in Ireland. On January 16th 1922, Michael Collins received the handover of the Castle on behalf of the new Irish Free State Government.

Unlike many other buildings which were reminders of British rule in Ireland, Dublin Castle was not blown up or burnt down. It was neglected however and fell into disrepair.

Various offices of Government Departments were moved into rooms at the Castle. The Four Courts had been badly damaged during the Civil War and were moved into the old viceregal departments where they stayed until 1932.

Functions Today

These days a number of State functions are carried out at the Castle. Presidential inaugurations take place in St. Patrick's Hall. Banquets take place there when the leaders of other countries come to Ireland on official trips.

Conference facilities were constructed in part of the Upper Castle Yard and meetings and conferences take place there on a regular basis.

The Castle is also a major tourist attraction. Throughout the year various cultural events take place there which are open to the public, and it is the location of the Chester Beatty Library. A number of outdoor concerts take place in the Great Courtyard every year. What do you think some of the past inhabitants of the Castle would think of that?