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  • Cúchulainn

According to legend, Cúchulainn was connected to Newgrange, the greatest of Ireland's neolithic monuments. He was grew up at Muirthemne Plain, which is thought to have been in what is now Co. Louth.

Many artists and writers have been inspired by the legend of Cúchulainn. Below is an illustration of a young Cúchulainn, which was painted in 1912.

Cúchulainn's mother was called Deichtine and his father was said to be a chieftan in Louth called Sualdam. However, according to mythology, Cúchulainn's spiritual father was actually the sun god Lugh, who came to Deichtine in a dream. This would certainly help to explain his superhuman strength.

His birth name was Setanta but it was later changed to Cúchulainn. Read on to find out why.