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  • Clonmacnoise

The Cathedral

The cathedral at Clonmacnoise was originally built in 909. Over the centuries, it was added to and rebuilt. The doorway dates from around 1200.

On the way into the cathedral, there is an archway known as the Whispering Arch. According to legend, this is where the monks took confessions. A monk stood at one side of the arch, while the person making their confession stood at the other side and whispered their sins into the carvings in the stone. The sound carried through the arch and reached only the monk's ears.

Seven Churches

Clonmacnoise is also known as the Seven Churches of Clonmacnoise. The seven churches in question are Temple Dowling, Temple Hurpan, Temple Melaghlin, Temple Ciarán, Temple Finghin, Temple Connor and the Nun's Church.

Temple Connor is the only one of the seven churches to remain in use. It was originally built in 1010 by Cathal O'Conor. It has been used for Anglican services since the eighteenth century by the Church of Ireland. Services are still held there regularly.