Views of Clonmacnoise

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  • Clonmacnoise

Let's look at some other interesting views of Clonmacnoise. In this photograph, night falls on the ancient monastic settlement. The view over the Shannon is peaceful. It is easy to imagine why St. Ciarán chose this spot for his monastic community almost 1,500 years ago.

Long after Saint Ciarán founded Clonmacnoise, people continued to be buried in the grounds.

As you can see from this photo, most of the available space between the churches was used for burials.

To the west of the graveyard and close to the River Shannon are the remains of a medieval castle. The castle was built in 1214. However, it did not stand for very long. It is thought that it was deliberately destroyed around the year 1300.

During his historic visit to Ireland in September and October of 1979, Pope John Paul II visited Clonmacnoise and prayed there. On returning to Rome, he said, 'I will never forget that place ... the ruins of the monastery and churches speak of the life that once pulsated there. Whole generations of Europe owe to them the light of the Gospel. These ruins are still charged with a great mission. They still constitute a challenge.'