Flora and Fauna


There are approximately 2,000 vascular plant species (ferns, clubmosses, flowering plants and conifers), over 800 bryophytes (mosses, liverworts and hornworths), 1,600 types of algae, about 1,000 different types of lichens and over 3,500 different species of fungi in the country.

The mosses and liverworths flourish in the mild damp climate and lichens grow in abundance here because of our clean, unpolluted air.

An unusual combination of flowers are found in the limestone cracks of the Burren with Mediterranean flowers growing alongside those from much colder climates further north.


There are 35 mammal species on land in Ireland , 28 freshwater fish species, 24 species of whale and dolphin in Irish seawaters and approximately 200 different types of bird.  The number of invertebrates (without a backbone) exceeds16,000.

Birds that are considered to be unique to Ireland are the jay, red grouse, dipper and coal tit and Ireland is also an important destination or staging post for many migratory birds.

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