Sustainable Tourism

We all love going on holidays and being a tourist for a few weeks. Yet just because you have left your home and work behind, does not mean you should stop striving to be environmentally friendly. In order to live a sustainable life, all aspects of your lifestyle should be evaluated and changes made to help the planet.

Greener tourism is about bringing the things you have changed in your home and whilst on the move away with you when you head off for your vacation. Sustainable tourism - in the main - is tourism that only produces minimal impact on the environment while contributing to the local community and culture.

Watch your carbon footprint - try to travel by foot, bike, bus, ferry and train instead of driving or flying. Better still take your holidays in Ireland and avoid flying - a flight across the Atlantic produces about 1.2 tonnes of C02 per passenger, roughly the same as the average motorist produces from driving for an entire year.

Help the local economy - green tour operators hire local people at a fair wage. Eat at local restaurants and buy local produce whenever possible.

Souvenirs - watch what you buy. Natural items like shells, wood or ivory could be acquired by harming the environment.

Walking - stay on approved pathways.

Litter - leave none behind you. Leave no trace that you were ever there.

Energy saving - just like at home when you leave the room turn off the heat, television and lights. In hot climates bring your own drinking cup rather than using the disposable ones.

Water - in hot weather conserving water is even more important. Having short showers and turning off the tap when brushing your teeth will help.

Biodiversity - avoid attractions that disturb biodiversity. Instead, be keen to visit and support parks and wildlife.

Give feedback - it is worth logging on to the sustainable tourism Ireland website and reporting on your experiences.

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