Wild Wicklow

"Wild Wicklow" is written by Richard Nairn and Miriam Crowley. Both authors live in County Wicklow and their knowledge of its habitats and environment is apparent in the publication.

The early chapters describe the physical formation of County Wicklow in the context of the many climate changes and geological changes the entire planet experienced. This account leads to a description of the present day features of the county eg.chain of granite mountains running down almost to Wexford.

The following chapters examines the types of natural environments found in the county. These range from the high mountains, the lowlying farmlands and valleys, down to the seashore. Each habitat is described in some detail and includes information on the flora and fauna associated with each type. Historical information is also provided to describe the environmental changes which may have affected the nature of the habitat. Two examples are the Vartry Resevoir and the pollution produced by mining at Glendalough.

The authors also include chapters on the impact of man on the environment through the ages. The most obvious example being the destruction of a vast amount of forest through the ages.

There are many beautiful photographs included of wildlife, plants and physical features. There are also six maps commissioned by the authors for the publication.

As well as an in index at the back there is a Gazetteer which describes places of great natural beauty to visit and includes a short summary of the flora and fauna to be found there. I have included eight places as listed by R. Nairn in the following pages with some images from the publication. Permission for the use of all material from "Wild Wicklow" was kindly given by Richard Nairn.


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