The Woodstock Arboretum

Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum are located in south east Kilkenny just outside Inistioge village. The grounds surrounding the south, east and west of the Walled gardens became the site of the estate's Arboretum during the 19th Century. The main period of planting was in the period 1820-1880. The planting represented the Victorian passion for evergreens and in particular exotic conifers.

By the 1860's commentators were already commenting on the scope and beauty of the collection. Being Woodstock, Monkey Puzzles were especially prominent, especially a large specimen near the Rose Garden that since unfortunately has died. Rhododendrons were also prominent, the acidic soil favouring their growth.

Planting declined after the death of William Tighe in 1878, although the collection was maintained until 1921-22. Although since then many specimens have been lost, enough survive to give a flavour of how the estate looked at its peak.

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