The Ballad of Charley Og McCann

This old Ballad was sent to Kildare Library by Eamonn Pitts.

Charley Og McCann

The brave old hill of Carbury is stately bold and strong
and down the vale of Newberry, the river flows along
strong and ancient is that hill, well known to every man
and gentle as the purling rill went Charlie Og McCann

Twas in the merry month of May we met upon the green,
the fairest at the fair that day my Charlie Og was seen,
the brightest at the dance was he, where mirth and music rang
and many a maid invited him, my Charlie Og McCann

The brave old hill of Carbery, where many a time we met,
when summer birds sang merrily, I never can forget.
Twas there we wandered side by side, twas there our love began,
twas there I said I'd be the bride of Charlie Og McCann

The evening breeze blew loud and shrill, the leaves began to fall,
I stood alone upon the hill beside the castle wall.
My love was borne away from me, all in a prison van
They banished him far oer the sea, brave Charlie Og McCann (beyond the waves rather than far o'er the sea in my memory)

the brave old hill of Carbury in grief I wander o'er
My heart is beating wearily for I know he'll come no more
His loving bride i ne'er shall be, his face i ne'er shall scan
for its in old Ireland's cause he died, brave Charlie Og McCann

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