Some C19 correspondence from Raphoe

Transcript of a letter from the Lord Lieutenant's office 9th August 1876, to Rev Thomas Slevin, CC, Raphoe, concerning decision to discharge John Byrne, a prisoner in Lifford Gaol, on condition he bounds himself over to the peace for two years "towards Ellen Dogherty and all Her Majesty's subjects".


Dublin Castle

9th August 1876


In reply to the memorial signed by you and others on behalf of John Byrne a prisoner in Lifford Gaol, I am directed by the Lord Lieutenant to acquaint you, for the information of the Memorialists, that after full enquiry, and careful consideration of all the circumstances of the case, His Grace has been pleased to order that the said prisoner be discharged at the expiration of 3 calendar months from his conviction, on his entering into security with recognizance, himself in £5 and two sureties in £3 each, to keep the peace for two years towards Ellen Dogherty and all others {of} her majesty's subjects.

I am, sir

Your obedient servant

{M?} Burke

Control of vermin and other expenses

Lent Assizes for the Barony of Raphoe, 1823. This document outlines payments to persons supplying or carrying out services on behalf of, the Grand Jury of the County of Donegal. The top half of the document lists payments to individuals "for killing vermin", the types of vermin and the corresponding amounts payable for killing. Species include foxes, magpies, ravens, otters, weasels, hawks and cormorants.

Expenses include candles for the courthouse; printing of notices from the Grand Jury, repair of bridges and for the services of an Irish interpreter at trials.


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