Dominicans in Ireland — History of the Order

This article was originally published in the 'Galway Observer' on May 11th 1940.

An Interesting Publication

We have received from the author a copy of a most interesting publication. Compiled by Rev. A. Coleman, O.P., and entitled "The Dominican Order in Ireland," the book traces the history of this famous Order from the time they "first set foot in Ireland just seven centuries ago."

Extracts dealing with County Galway in this publication are: We can judge from the rapidity of the first foundations - six following one another within six years - how eagerly the Friars preachers were welcomed in the principal cities of the country. After an interval of eight years, which was, we may suppose, necessary for the recruitment of new candidates for the Order, the rapid multiplication of foundations began again. Mullingar was founded in 1237, Athenry in 1241, both Cashel and Tralee in 1243, both Newtownards and Coleraine in 1244, Sligo and Strade in 1253, Tim in 1263, Arklow in 1264, Rosbereon in 1267, Youghal in 1268, Lorrah in 1269, Rathfram (County Mayo) and Derry in 1274. Thus we see that twenty?three houses were erected, principally in cities and towns, within the short space of fifty years.

Archbishop O'Flynn of Tuam is said to have built a "Domus Scholarum" or hostel for clerical students in connection with the Friary at Athenry

Great activity was shown in the fifteenth century by the Mendicant Orders in the building of churches and friaries and the rebuilding of others that had been destroyed by fire or become dilapidated in the former period. The abbeys (so-called) of Sligo, Moyne, Athenry, Muckross, Adare and many others, are a testimony to the healthy activity of the Mendicant Orders at this period.

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