Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds in the world. Its origin in not conclusive but is believed to be a descendant of a native Thai breed. The first pair of Siamese cats to arrive in England was a gift from the King of Thailand to the British Consul General in Bangkok in 1884. Many myths and legends feature Siamese cats as guardians of royal palaces. One story tells how a princess charged her Siamese cat with guarding her rings by putting them on its tail while she went for a swim, and legend has it that this is where the kink in the breed’s tail originated.

A very distinctive looking breed, the Siamese cat is easily recognised by its big blue eyes with dark points and a pale body. It is also known for its large ears and short, fine-haired silky coat. The darker point of the head, tail and legs form a strong contrast with its pale body. Siamese kittens however, are born a pure white colour and the dark points only begin to show after they are about a week old.   In terms of personality, Siamese cats have a reputation for demanding attention and young kittens can be quite precocious.

No special grooming is required for the Siamese cat, although it will enjoy the attention from brushing. Siamese cats may be expected to live well into their teens.

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