East and West

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Ireland has different farm types in different parts of the country

We will look at this map of Ireland. Can you find the east coast and the west coast? Can you find County Wexford and County Mayo? You are going to find out about farming in two counties, one from the west coast and one from the east.


Wexford and Mayo

The counties of Wexford and Mayo are examples of places with different types of soil and weather conditions. Both are maritime counties which means they are by the sea. Places near the sea are warmer in winter than those inland. You might expect then that the climate in both places would be exactly the same.

However, Wexford is sunnier, and drier than Mayo. It also has larger areas of fertile land.

Mayo is wetter and windier. Mayo also has more bog and mountain land than Wexford.

We will find out some reasons for the differences in the weather in each place and will see does this mean that farming is a bit different in each county