What is Farming?

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What do you think farming is all about? In thinking about this question, you could write your ideas on a diagram.

Below is an example of a special type of diagram, called a mind map. You make a mind map to make a picture of what you know. Look at the blank mind map below and as you go through this unit, remember what you are learning by creating a mind map like this.

When you finish the geography of food and farming, finish your mind map.

Remember you will need to record information in words and pictures.

Farming Mind Map


Farming in Ireland

About two thirds of the land of Ireland, nearly 5 million hectares, is used for farming. This means that farming is very important. Beef and milk account for three quarters of what farming produces.
As well as rearing animals, crops are grown too. The main crops in Ireland are barley, wheat, potatoes and mushrooms.

Do you know anybody living on a farm? Have you got a pet that you have to care for?

If you do, you will understand some of the work the farmer does.

Until recently, most Irish children would have a family relative engaged in farming. Visits to the farm of an aunt or uncle would have been a special treat for town and city children.

Now there are less people employed in farming and we may not know anybody who lives on a farm. We are all still connected to farming though. This is because we eat the food the farmer produces, we wear clothes made from wool and leather and we live in the landscape created by farming.