Lawson's Cypress

Common Name: Lawson Cypress, Port-Oxford Cedar, Oregon Cedar

This tree can grow up to 50m in height and is often multi-stemmed. The bark is reddish brown. The small cones are purplish to red brown. The seeds are 2-5 mm with a wing.

Origin: It occurs naturally from SW Oregon to NW California in coastal areas. It does not grown inland in areas of continental climate. The tallest can be up to 69.8m in height but native stands have been extensively logged. It's preference for a moist oceanic climate means it is ideally suited to Irish conditions. It was widely used for screening and hedging in Ireland as it sets seed readily.

In recent years it has largely being replaced by the ubiquitous Cupressocyparis Leyladnii. It however features largely in Irish gardens as the parent of a whole range of ornamental conifers in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Introduced in 1854 from seed grown in Lawson's Nursery, Edinburgh, thus the common name.

The 18 stemmed specimen in Woodstock is 24m in height.


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