A New Order in Place

New Officials

The full report of the Commissioners concerning the turmoil of 1849 was never published in the local press. The dismissals had been expected and the readers were deemed to be aware of the various grounds for dismissal.

The female paupers were not in agreement with the dismissal of Mrs. Rose. A large number of them gathered at the front of the house on their knees. They begged the Guardians to restore her to her position. The Workhouse women mutinied and out of 500 female inmates only 60 sat for breakfast. They blamed Nurse Gray for instigating the proceedings.

The tumult subsided but all responsible were "appropriately" punished. Obviously, all discipline had collapsed. On the very day the signed orders for dismissal had been received, the inmates had shaken off all respect for the authority.

As to the Guardians themselves, they felt that they had not been given enough time to replace those dismissed. The orders of the Commissioners had been interpreted literally and the officials were dismissed "forthwith".

On November 15th it was resolved that an Acting Committee be appointed to take charge of the management of the Workhouse, pending the appointment of new official. The Committee was formed of these members of the Board of Guardians: R.C. Browne, W.R. Lecky, T.T. Vigors, R. Farrell, A. Fitzmaurice and Samuel Haughton

All paupers were instructed not to leave the House without a pass authorising them to do so. It was ordered that an advertisement be placed in the "General Advertiser" postponing the election for Master, Matron, Porter, Assistant Schoolmaster and Infirmary Nurse.

The Clerk of the Union, Robert Davies resigned on November 22nd. On December 6th, Mr and Mrs Miller were appointed the new Master and Matron of the Carlow Union Workhouse. They had come from the Tullamore Union where Mr. Miller had held a similar post. Patrick Brennan was appointed Porter at a salary of 12 per annum plus his rations. The new Master took up duty prior to December 22nd. Subsequently, Mr. A.G. English was appointed the new Clerk of the Union.

A new order was in place and disorder quelled at the close of what had been a turbulent year for the Carlow Union Workhouse and the Board of Guardians.

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